Auto Mechanic Training

Want to get on the path to an exciting career fixing the cars and trucks you love to drive? Turn to Lincoln for Automotive, Diesel, Motorcycle and Collision Repair training, offered at Lincoln College of Technology and Lincoln Technical Institute*.

With more than 40 schools nationwide, pursuing a career working on cars, trucks and colossal-powered machines has never been easier. As a leader in post-secondary education, Lincoln.s auto schools are equipped with machinery that lets you dive into the mechanical side of things, like taking engines apart, completing diagnostics inside auto shops and bays on campus, and performing auto body repairs just like the pros!

From assembling/disassembling an engine, to transforming the look of a truck with a custom airbrush job, students at Lincoln Tech and Lincoln College of Technology receive hands-on instruction in many aspects of repairing, maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting cars, trucks, motorcycles, diesel machines and more!

If you are a high school student, or a professional looking to make a career change, a new future awaits you working in the auto industry. Select the program that suits your personal career goals, and get started today!

*Program offerings vary by campus location and are subject to change.

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